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We want our customers to be successful on their markets. That is why we develop and manufacture the most advanced bipolar semiconductors for their systems: high-performance discs with a unique power density and additional functions as well as semiconductor modules offering an attractive price-performance ratio. 
High power diodes and thyristors are used by producers and consumers to boost efficiency significantly in many applications. They have set standards in a power range from 10 kW to over 10 GW.

Power Line – Thyristor/Diode Discs

Broad range of disc housings containing Thyristor pellets

Eco Line – Solder Bond Modules

Cost effective solution for higher competitiveness

System Line – Power Stacks

Heatsink & mounting concepts for bipolar semiconductors

Power Line – Pressure Contact Modules

Designed for high overload requirements

Prime Line – Thyristor/Diode Discs up to 9,5 kV

Innovative technology with lower losses leading to higher efficiency

System Line – Accessories

Technical accessories for our discs and modules like clamps, gate leads, optical fibers and laser diodes.

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