Environmental Sustainability

The growing scarcity of natural resources is one of today’s greatest global challenges. Optimizing efficiency in the use of resources offers both ecological and economic benefits and is a key component in our sustainability strategy worldwide. Hence, developing energy-efficient products is a central element of our desire to save energy and deal with climate change.

In order to ensure efficient resources management, Infineon established a global management system, IMPRES (Infineon Integrated Management Program for Environment, Energy, Safety, and Health ), which integrates targets and processes relating to ecological sustainability (including energy management) as well as occupational safety and health protection.

IMPRES has been certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO45001 standards worldwide. Additionally it has been certified in accordance with ISO 50001 energy management standard at our main European manufacturing sites as well as our Campeon corporate headquarters.

For Infineon, responsibility and sustainability are more than just the fulfillment of legal requirements. Our IMPRES program is a symbiosis between responsibility for humans and environment and economic success and includes our commitment to efficient resources management in the interests of environmental protection and ecological innovation.

Based on the requirements of the Infineon Group Policy for Environmental Protection, Energy Management, Safety and Health (IMPRES Policy), our performance is monitored by the Board of Directors. The results of our processes as well as the achievement of our targets, among others, are then presented to the Board of Directors during the Annual Management Review.

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